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Innovation Due Diligence

A holistic method for assessing and capturing the real market potential of early innovations!

Do you need support or inspiration in how to structurally assess the market potential when writing a research application or during a research project?


Are you developing a product or service and need help in gaining insight on if, how and when you should aim at reaching the market?


Do you need a core method and process for assessing a portfolio or flow of innovation ideas?



If any of these questions apply for you, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. If not we assure you that you’ll find a lot if information, inspiration and tips on how to gain critical market insights required to successfully assess, iterate and decide on the commercialization feasibility of new products and services.



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What is Innovation Due Diligence and what value does it bring to the user?

A key problem within innovation development is the lack of real market insights. Enormous investments are lost annually because no one asked the customers what they value, or wrong questions where asked to the wrong customer group.

This is the paramount value offering of Innovation Due Diligence; test and align development with real market learnings early on, not after 10 years and millions of Euros spent.

Based on our learning these are some of the values Innovation Due Diligence brings to innovation projects!

  • Increase your success rate in research applications – IDD is structured for you to gain key insights on the commercial value of your research
  • Find and validate your target markets and understand already now how you could reach them!
  • Align development with benefits actually valued by your target markets – don’t build unnecessary features
  • Data driven approach to say NO to investment – If you’re going to fail , fail early on!

The learning process

The learning process will go through 3 key steps, which all build upon each other and together form a structured method of understanding where you are, where the markets are and directly testing these markets to gain real insights affecting the innovation progress.


Financiers and project coordination

Financiers and enablers

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The strategic innovation programme STRIM (Strategic innovation programme for the Swedish mining and metal producing industry) is part of a joint investment in strategic innovation areas (SIP) by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency

Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems with the vision to strengthen Sweden as a country of research and innovation.

Formas, the Swedish research council for sustainable development, promotes and supports research within the areas Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning.

The Swedish Energy Agency works for a sustainable energy system, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply.


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